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Sunday, February 5, 2012

your own poll as proof of rigged election

Last Prophet replies to "Australian election rigged - my experience when voting":[0]
"Labour" in fact got only 15%. Remake of the US "elections", staging the head to head race as much as possible.
Reminder: in the US, with voting machines, votes of "Romney" and McCain multiplied by 11, of "obama" multiplied by 1.2 in 2008 and 1.8 in 2012.
Something that YOU can test by yourelf, just like YOU can go to Newtown and test for yourself the TRUTH of what Last Prophet revealed first: Sandy Hook elementary school had ZERO students.

Reminder from Oct 5, 2012:

The democracy of illuminati v illuminati by voting machines software that they program, after they murdered all potential candidates who opposed them

Illuminati polls have "Romney two points behind Obama", a remake of the "Hillary tied with Obama" and "McCain two points behind Obama" acts in 2008. (1)
This is more like what a real poll looks like: "Obama 81%, Romney 12%, 7% being undecided" (2). 
Although asking at a Jay-Z concert is supposedly a satire, obviously not the right place for a poll to be projected for all of the US population, note that the real disinfo of this poll is NOT the 81-12 ratio but hiding the majority, those who do not intend to "vote".

One hour science test for EVERYONE that illuminati TOTALLY control media, political & "justice" systems

If YOU want to answer the question "Do illuminati TOTALLY control media, politcs & 'justice?" then this is all you need to do.

Do your own poll
1. Ask randomly 100 people these two questions
- who did they vote for in the 2008 "election"
- who do they plan to vote for in the 2012 "election"

Project the results of your poll to the US population. That will be enough to confirm that:
- McCain got less than 5 million votes in 2008, although he was credited with 58 million votes;
- less than 5 million people plan to vote for "Romney". 

Poster replies (3): "Lets make a mockery of science."

Last Prophet replies:
Not at all.
If after you polled 100 people the results do not yet prove the above, all you need is to keep asking a few more people and you will get the expected results.
That is what the SCIENCE of statistics is all about: the largest the sample the more precise the result.

Poster asks (3) two important questions:
1. "Do you honestly expect me to put that much effort into this dumb shit".
2. "Do you think there's any purpose for them to bother lying about the results of a loser? "

Last Prophet relies:
As for the second question: 
This is the type of questions that only are asked if you did not get "that illuminati TOTALLY control media, politcs & justice".

And that answers the first question:
I strongly recommend that you invest one hour of your life in that test. Actually I can not imagine a better investment.
Just think about all the non-questions that you have been asking all your life instead of finally starting to ask the right questions, just because you did not get until now that " illuminati TOTALLY control media, politcs & justice".

[0] Australian election rigged - my experience when voting

(1) In 2008 primaries "Obama" had at least 10 times more votes than Hillary Clinton at the New York, California and Ohio primaries. Yet his role was to ask his crowd to cheer "winner" Hillary.

(2) Illuminati joke - the truth is packaged as satire: "The Tyrone Poll sampled 722 voting-aged individuals at a Jay-Z concert in Philadelphia last weekend.
The new Tyrone Poll indicates the largest lead yet:

(3) 1 hour science test for EVERYONE that illuminati TOTALLY control media, politcs & jus

Sandy Hook, one of the ZERO hoaxes that you can test for yourself: