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Friday, December 10, 2004

Handbook of fraud - counting votes - Afghanistan vs. US

Reminder of what correct vote count is

There is only one way to prevent fraud in the process of casting and counting votes. Reminder, since each day the gap to the reality of current elections is widening :
- one representative of each candidate at each ballot
- each voter identified by unique ID document;
- each voter manually checked in the voter list entry, as he presents his ID before voting
- votes counted immediately after the ballot, under supervision of representatives of each candidate, which will then sign the count protocol
- results sent to the central entity in charge of computing the totals

Techniques to falsify count - overview

There are two types of techniques to get the "right" results in an election :
Type 1 - making sure you count the votes
Type 2 - any other techniques

Even the worst type 1 technique is x-times more powerful than the best type 2 technique.
The most powerful technique ever created is e-vote (Diebold machines, internet vote, etc).

Now for obvious reasons the people that organized the farse they called free elections in Afghanistan couldn't get the right results by resorting to e-vote.

The technique used in Afghanistan - ink was a diversion

So what was the trick to get the right results in an election with 18 candidates, where the candidate that had to win had less than 5% of the voters behind him ?

Pretending that the main problem in the elections in Afghanistan are ink marks that can be erased (a type 2 technique) is pure diversion, obscuring the fact that type 1 techniques were used. The most important :
- the ballots were transported, without being previously counted at the ballots, to military bases, where they will be "counted"

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