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Friday, April 20, 2007

France 2007 elections: Voting machines decide French President first time ever

France, Presidential Elections 2007: voting machines introduced just in time to count just enough votes as required. This time there will be no surprises, like in 2005 EU Referendum.

2007: Introducing voting machines in the French elections was not a problem. For a start, they will count 1,5 million registered voters, the amount that was thought to be required to avoid any surprises at this point. Translate from french:

There will be no surprises this time, as with the EU Referendum, since unlike the YES-NO issue, in these elections the illuminati control 11 out of 12 candidates.

Note how the theater is staged according to the audience: the French John Kerry (Segolene Royal) pretends to be against the voting machines, which are supported officially only by one of the candidates, the french Bush, i.e. Nicolas Sarkozy...(1)

Reminder: voting machines were introduced in France 2005 for the referendum about the EU-Constitution, to count just over 1 million votes. One of the few times they miscalculated in the level required to get the right results:
05-26-2005 - France referendum proves that Diebold machines are now a MUST for the illuminati


(1)France vs. US elections for dummies: Sarkozy 2007 compared to Bush 2004 and Bush 2000

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